Adjective quiz 2

In the following questions, one part of the sentence may have an error. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and choose the option corresponding to it. If the sentence is free from error,choose the “No error” option.

Welcome to your Adjective 2

1. (a) Alms / (b) are given / (c) to the poors. / (d) No errorDeselect Answer
2. (a) The Railways have made / (b) crossing the tracks / (c) a punished offence. / (d)No errorDeselect Answer
3. (a) He is the most / (b) intelligent and also / (c) the very talented student of the college. / (d) No errorDeselect Answer
4. (a) Lasers are / (b) indispensable tools / (c) for the delicate eyes surgery. / (d) No errorDeselect Answer
5. (a) These sort of men / (b) attain success by hook or by crook / (c) so they do not deserve any applause. (d) No errorDeselect Answer
6. (a) Having been found / (b) guilty of the theft / (c) Sunny was sentenced to five year’s imprisonment. / (d) No errorDeselect Answer
7. (a) Can you tell me how / (b) many eggs and / (c) milk he has brought / (d) No errorDeselect Answer
8. (a) The number of applications has risen / (b) this year by / (c) as many as 50%. /(d) No errorDeselect Answer
9. (a) Two lakh of people / (b) attended the meeting / (c) held in parade ground. / (d) No errorDeselect Answer

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