Adverb Quiz 3

In the following questions, one part of the sentence may have an error. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and choose the option corresponding to it. If the sentence is free from error,choose the “No error” option.

Welcome to your Adverb quiz 3

(a) The State Government/(b) appointed him as /(c) officer-in-charge/(d) No error.
(a) The teacher asked/ (b) the students to/(c) talk loudly/(d) No error.
(a) Though he was brave,/ (b) he could not face the ups and downs/(c) of life manly/(d) No error.
(a) We must try /(b) to save our hardly /(c) earned money/(d) No error.
(a) We seldom or ever/(b) go out these days /(c) because it is too hot now-a-days/(d) No error.
(a) We should /(b) keep our belongings/(c) orderly/(d) No error.
(a) Vijay could not scarcely conceal/ (b) his happiness /(c) at my resignation./(d) No error.
(a) When I read his biography,/(b) I hardly found something/(c)in his character that I could admire/(d) No error.
(a) When she received the good news,/ (b) she ran straightly /(c) to call up her parents/(d) No error.
(a) You always /(b) come lately/ (c) to class/(d) No error.
(a) You have /(b) acted nobler than/(c) all of us/(d) No error.
(a) You should have/(b) sufficiently collateral/(c) to pay back the loan d) No error.
(a) Veena worked /(b)very hardly /(c)as she wanted to be a surgeon/(d) No error.
(a) She sounded /(b)very sadly after /(c)the death of her pet/(d) No error.
(a) Her speech was not clearly /(b)but we understood /(c)the underlying meaning/(d) No error
(a) All the pupils/ (b) stood up respectively/ (c) as the Guru entered the room./ (d)No error.

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