Top 3 Basic concepts of English Grammar.

Today we are going to learn top 3 basic concepts of english grammar.

Although we are studying English grammar from our childhood still I would like start from very beginning so that anyone who has a little doubt in English grammar could be confident.

Letters,Syllable,Phrases and Sentences

There are 26 Letters in English. They can be classified into two groups:  1.Consonants 2.Vowel

Vowel-Those Letters which can be pronounced without the help of any other Letter are called

Vowels. There are five vowels. A, E, I, O, U.

2.The rest  Letters cannot be pronounced without the help of a Vowel .These are B,C,D,F,G,H,J,K,l,M,N,P,Q,R,S,T,W,X,Y,Z.


Note—Here we should remember that w and y are two letters that can be used as consonant and vowel both.

Now most import thing for any language is word .What is word? Actually any sound which is produced by the mouth and has a meaning is known or said as word. Words are formed by one or more letters.

Again I am going to introduce most important thing that is syllable .What is Syllable? Syllable are defined as the part of word which is produced in one instance. A word can be formed of one or more syllable in other words we can say that a word can have one or more syllable.

For Example:

(i) Words formed by one syllable:  me, run, sit, go, you etc.

(ii) Words formed by two syllables:, Wa-ter,beau-ty, Fa-ther mon-key,etc.

(iii) Words formed by more than two syllables: de-mo-cra-cy; po-ssi-bi-li-ty, Beau-ti-ful, etc.

After words and syllable discussion to sentences. What is a sentence? How sentences are formed? To study or understand any language we need some collections, group or combination of words which make complete sense to understand the feeling of speaker. These combination of words which deliver our thoughts completely to the receiver are called sentences.

Now question arises how words are combined to make proper sense. The answer of this question is” Grammar” where we will learn all the basic and advance rules to combine words.

There are some group of sentences in English language which make sense but not the complete sense these are known as phrases.


At the door, sands of time, of great courage etc.


What are Clause?

There are some group of words which are part of a sentence, and contain subject and predicate are called as Clause.

  • She said that she was not well.
  • Does she know the lady who came here on Monday?


Type Of sentences;

If we go ahead about sentences first thing comes in our mind is types of sentences. Mainly to understand better sentences are divided into four types:

1.Assertive or Declarative sentence-those sentences which makes a statement or assertion are known as Assertive sentences.


United States is a great country.

She is a noble women.

2.Interrogative sentences-Those sentences which are used in asking questions are known as Interrogative sentences.


Who is she?                                                                 

How are you?

3.Imperative sentences: Those sentences which are used to express command, request or entreaty are known as Imperative sentences.


Get out from my cabin and never come again.

Go away from our life.                                                     

Forgive her, she is innocent.


3.Exclamatory sentence :Those sentences which express a sudden feeling of surprise

Anger, pleasure, or sorrow is called an exclamatory sentence.


Alas! I am ruined.

What a terrible moment it was!                 

How shameful she did!




There are different words used in a sentences and these words have some specific different functions. According to their specific functions words are classified into eight different groups or categories. No word has its fixed group or category. Its group or categories are decided on the basis of its function in a sentence.

Parts of speech:

What these eight category are called? These eight category are known as part of speech. In this way knew the answer of very important question, what is Parts of speech.

1.Noun: Nouns are actually a naming word, everything we are seeing have name are noun these may be a person (Mahesh), Place (Network), thing (chair) or any idea are noun.


Example: John, Chair, loveliness, copper, sheep, etc.

Pronoun:As we studied in noun ,nouns are naming words they denote some specific place, people ,idea or thing, In conversation we explain a particular thing many times .But it will represent a wrong  impression if we repeat some specific name again and again .


  • Ram is good boy.
  • Ram works very hard.
  • Ram always completes his homework on time.

Here in all sentences name “Ram” is repeated again and again. Therefore to remove the repetition of Noun, Pronoun is introduced. Therefore if we say what is pronoun? Pronoun is a word which is used instead of noun.

Example: he, she, you, I, we, it, they, etc.

  • Ram is a good boy.
  • He works very hard.                                       
  • He always complete his work on time.

In this way here repetition of “Ram” is removed by a pronoun “he”.


3.Adjective– If we analysis or think about noun ,we will see that there are some words which are used with noun to add some value to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun .These words are adjective. These adjectives qualify noun or pronoun.


Example: a beautiful girl, a fast car, much work, six mangoes.

4.Verb: Verbs are defined as the words which are used to say something about place, person or things.


  • He went to office.
  • Jamnagar is an industrial place.                         
  • Jorge is dumb.                                                                                                                                                                           


 5.Adverb: An Adverb is defined as a word used to add something to the meaning of an adjective, verb or another adverb.


  • Jorge worked hard.
  • Sheela came suddenly.                 
  • Ram is very fast.
  • She finished her work very quickly.


6.Preposition: A preposition is defined as a word which is used with a noun or a pronoun to show about the person or thing denoted by the noun or pronoun appears in relation to something else.

Example: in the park, on the table, by bus, with her, etc.


7.Conjunction: Conjunctions are defined as the words which are used to join words, Clauses, phrases and sentences to one another.

Example: Jorge and Barak, through thick and thin, Jorge ran fast but missed the bus.



8.An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling.”


As—Alas! Hurrah, OH! Bravo, etc.



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