Adjective 3

Welcome to your Adjective 3

(a) Whole the chapter / (b) is full of printing errors which are the outcome / (c) of the proof reader’s carelessness. (d) No error
(a) Her black long / (b) hair adds / (c) glamour to her looks. (d) No error
(a) I trembled when I saw / (b) a sharp long knife / (c) in his hand. / (d) No error
(a) I saw / (b) an anxious pale girl / (c) who was fidgetting near the ICU / (d) No error
(a) Mumbai is / (b) further from / (c) Delhi than / (d) Patna. (e) No error
(a) This book is / (b) undoubtedly preferable than / (c) that and its printing / (d) is also comparatively good. (e) No error
(a) You can trust / (b) this channel/ (c) for the last news of this hour. (d) No error
(a) Everybody knows / (b) that Radha is the most unique / (c) singer of this college / (d) No error
(a) The faster he completes / (b) the work given to / (c) him, the largest will be his profit. / (d) No error.
(a) He does not have / (b) some money to buy a new machine so he is / (c) anxious / (d) No error

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