“Corruption in education leads to some people getting highly educated and then these people support the uneducated to rule over the illiterate masses.”

– Amit Abraham

Since India’s independence, the country has seen extremely educated as well as uneducated leaders. This has stirred a huge debate as to whether education should be deemed a necessary precondition for politicians. In India, there is no minimum educational qualification required to become a minister; but, there is a minimum educational requirement to become a peon. A string of past events prove that even the well educated politicians use their education to gratify their selfish desires.

There have been a number of politicians involved in scams and corruption. Huge funds with the government have always been meddled with. Higher educational skills do not guarantee the presence of moral and ethical values in politicians; it is just a statement of how literate they are as they can use the same expertise to carry out their illegal activities.

The emphasis on the importance of education is often contradicted when the educated leaders and politicians get involved in a number of scams and controversies related to the government’s finances. Political corruption exists in many forms and at all levels of the government. The nation has witnessed many such acts of corruption in the form of tax evasion, forcing the electorate to vote for a particular candidate, accumulation of black money with politicians and funding of electoral campaigns. There have been a number of scams like the common wealth games scam, Indian coal allocation scam and fodder scam that witnessed the embezzlement of funds worth thousands of crores. Hence, to make education the ONLY basis for electing leaders is also wrong.

Having a certain degree does not guarantee that someone will be a good leader. Being inflexible in terms of who contests elections and who doesn’t is also the murder of the political system. With a literacy rate of 74.04% and a ranking of 105 out of the 127 countries in UNESCO’s ‘Education for all development Index (EDI)’, putting an educational qualification as the minimum basic requirement would mean depriving a number of deserving candidates from availing this opportunity, who might end up being better leaders as compared to the educated politicians who have spent a bigger

part of their lives locked up in classrooms and have been away from the happenings of the world around them. A good leader is the one who understands the needs of the society and does his best to make life easier for the country’s citizens.

It is, however, important to ensure that the candidate chosen must be educated in the field of Public Administration and certain basic philosophies. He/she must be aware of the needs of a multicultural and diverse society to ensure that the socio-economic hierarchy that is present in society is abolished. An educated person can help better in the development process of our country and in changing its status to that of a developed country.

An educated politician won’t be hoodwinked easily by their counterparts like the bureaucrats. They will apply an analytical approach when confronted by any issue being faced by the public. Educated politicians can be better policy makers and executers and can guide and control bureaucrats intelligently for the welfare of the nation. Educated politicians can prove to be better administrators, statesmen, foreign ministers, international political negotiators, etc.

There is a need to set a basic minimum education criterion in order to avoid incongruous legislations and drain of wealth which are two very important aspects in the development of a nation. It is also important that the candidate is not solely judged by the degree that they have earned. A well rounded leader is the one who possesses the required positive will power, intelligence, efficiency, vision, creativity and also has a dynamic and charismatic personality for development of society and the nation.

Just like possessing certain skills makes you a more deserving candidate for a job, acquiring educational qualifications will only help a person to grow as an individual. Education will also help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses as an individual. Therefore, the role of education must not be despised altogether.

However, a politician must not be discerned solely on how much education they have received because in the end, the will power of a politician pushes them to work. We live in a country which has not yet achieved cent per cent literacy and to impose an educational qualification to contest elections would mean depriving a huge fraction of the nation from achieving its political rights and this would in turn mean the violation of the essence of democracy.


  • Bureaucrat


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; a person who is among the people who run is among the people who run a government organization.

Synonyms: administrator, official

  • Despised


Contextual Meaning(s): verb; look down on with disdain

Synonyms: disregarded

  • Discerned


Contextual Meaning(s): verb; See or hear differences; identify a particular part or parts of a whole; detect with difficulty

Synonyms: judged

  • Embezzlement


Contextual Meaning(s): noun; the sum of money that is misappropriated

Synonyms : misappropriation

  • Evasion


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; the act of avoiding something that you do not want to deal with.

Synonyms: dodging, elusion

  • Efficiency


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; the state or quality of being efficient.

Synonyms : productivity, readiness

  • Gratify


Contextual Meaning(s) : verb; yield (to); give satisfaction to

Synonyms : satisfy

  • Hoodwinked


Contextual Meaning(s): verb; Influence by slyness

Synonyms: misguided

  • Incongruous


Contextual Meaning(s): adjective; Lacking in harmony, compatibility or appropriateness

Synonyms: senseless

  • Meddled


Contextual Meaning(s) : verb; interfere unwantedly

Synonyms : tampered

  • Scam


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun a dishonest scheme or a fraud.

Synonyms : suindle, fraud.

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