You could say the safest sports in the world are table tennis, badminton, golf and wrestling; we all know by now that the last one is fake, so in these sports you can never even think of a serious injury.

The world’s most dangerous sports are too many. It will take a lot of time to classify them. Driving a road car on public roads can also be dangerous, so just think how dangerous can motorsports be. Any form of motorsports can be dangerous, whether it’s Formula racing, NASCAR, Touring Car, Motogp, Motor cross, or rallying. In formula 1 in the last 14 years no driver has been killed, the last casualty being Ayrton Senna but that does not mean that motorsports is not dangerous. Infact, 25 drivers have died since its inception in 1950.but the number of dire injuries would be substantial.

Dangerous sports are often activities that people take part in exactly because there is an element of danger involved. The fact that these dangerous sports have killed a number or people does not prevent some people from trying them out.

Fatality figures are hard to determine, as event organizers understandably do not wish bad publicity for the event. Nevertheless, there are a few sports that can claim to be the world’s most dangerous sports. Although there is no official ranking, there are a few sports that pop up on the list time and time again.

High up on the list of dangerous sports, literally, is base jumping. In this activity, the participant jumps from high buildings, bridges, or the sides of cliffs. The purpose of base jumping is to wait as long as possible before eventually pulling the parachute chord. There is no safety net and no alternative means of stopping before you hit the ground. Figures estimate that around 15 people are killed each year due to base jumping. BASE jumpers have leapt from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. People who try this sport almost always end up getting arrested because its illicit and some don’t even live long enough to get incarcerated.

In Free Diving – divers will plunge up to 400 feet underwater in a single breath. At the 2001 Free Diving World Cup, 15 people had to be rescued because of blackouts caused by their brains not getting enough oxygen.

Imagine being more than 100 feet underwater in a deep, cold and dark cave. Those who do Cave diving are well trained but there are so many things that can go wrong which is why this is one of the world’s most dangerous sports. You can lose your way, run out of air, your equipment can fail or you can be eaten alive by a cave creature.

Speed Skiing is the world’s fastest non-motorized sport and one of the world’s most dangerous sports. Skiers wear special skis and aerodynamic suits to fly down a hill at speeds up to 250 kms. per hour! That’s almost as fast as a race car ! One crash often means death.

Unless you’re a fish, how can fishing be one of the world’s most dangerous sports? Rock Fishing involves casting a line into the ocean from the shoreline. People often forget about the tides and are swept away or are dragged underwater by massive waves. In 2001, 15 people in Australia died while rock fishing.

Not risky enough for you? How about getting on top of a bucking bull and trying to hang on as the bull tries its best to throw you off. Some of these bulls can weigh up to 900 kg and are understandably infuriated at having someone jumping about on their backs. A rider who is thrown off can be brutally stomped on by the bull. Broken bones, ruptured organs, and of course death may await the fearless bull rider.

Heli-skiing involves being taken to untouched snow via helicopter. Extreme weather conditions and avalanches do nothing to deter the determined heli-skier; they only add to the adrenalin kick. There are so many budding heli-skiers that waiting lists for the activity must be booked up to a year in advance.

Lately, a new surprising contender has gained infamy as one of the world’s most dangerous sports. Kite flyers in the Punjab Province of Pakistan can now face murder charges and the death penalty. Kite flying in Pakistan and India is a popular pastime that reaches its climax at the Basant Festival each spring. Kite flyers have been taking part in dog fights, trying to cut their opponents kite strings. Some kites have been found to have metallic strings or to have been coated with glass shards. The kites pose a threat to observers and bike riders. Many people have incurred injuries due to the kite strings, and some have been killed by falling from high buildings while flying their kites. What was once an innocent pastime now ranks as one of the world’s most dangerous sports.

Cheer leading takes countless hours of practice, conditioning and skill. It takes endurance. They don’t get pads or a ball to play with. Other mates throw cheerleaders who sometimes weigh more than the bases do into the air and mates are expected to catch them, not hurt them and safely put them back on the ground.

Cheer is a very dodgy sport. If all goes well, they get caught after doing a pretty flip in the air. If not, one could die, or kill a base. You’re being tossed 5-10 feet in the air and have no padding, no helmet, no safety-nets, and you’re expecting girls or guys of your age to catch you.

Some would argue that naming cheer in this list is vacuous. Gymnastics is twice as dangerous as cheer leading. Gymnasts swing on the bars and land on their hands, the level of pliability and accuracy required is nothing if not exacting.

Horse riding is also very dangerous. One must remember that horse racing is a legally permissible variety of gambling, hence a number of riders are groomed every year for this risky sport. A rider ,only 13 years old , has fallen off the horse about 10 times. He claims riding horses is definitely more difficult and dangerous than cheer. In cheer there is a 100 pound human falling on you, compared with a 1,000 pound and more animal, trampling you at top speed! When you tumble off a horse , if you aren’t too badly hurt, you’re expected to catch the horse and get back on. You will most likely be squelched by 10-plus horses who can’t stop in time.

Also very deadly sports are lacrosse and rugby. In rugby gigantic men try to kill you and when you have no pads and crap, it hurts to be tackled by a 145 pound man. Players break arms and legs in every game.

Don’t be astounded but even golf can be dangerous. Many people don’t notice that. If someone on a hole parallel to yours hooks or slices the ball and it hits you it will break a bone or kill you. Golf balls go a hell of a lot faster than people think; they go anywhere between 80 and 140 mph.

Another viewpoint claims most dangerous sport in the world is obviously air racing! Accidents in this sport are almost always fatal.

Apparently, jousting is also a dangerous pastime, with 636 killed for every 106 who die skiing or divin g. The combination of charging horses, armour and pointed lance is naturally a risky enterprise.

Your mom will certainly proscribe Supercross. Athletes fly in the air on a motorcycle while doing back flips, taking their hands off the handlebars and other death-defying stunts.

In a Solo Yacht race around the world, sailors encounter waves, sharks, hurricanes and even pirates. The nearest help can be hundreds of miles away and racers have no control over the conditions they run into. With no one nearby to help them out, racers can lose the race and their lives, too.

One would not advice Street Lugging as a safe pastime. Highly modified skateboards are used to race down a hill at speeds up to 128 kms per hour. The pioneers of this sport originally raced down hills in the middle of traffic which made it even more risky. There are now special luges and equipment for the sport which make it much safer. But , you’re still hitting pavement when you crash.

And this will certainly take the cake. A guy says, the most dangerous sport in existence is baby sitting ! Those kids can be terrible. One time he almost got killed by a 2 year old! The toddler pulled out a knife and threatened to stab this guy because he was bad and was intending to put him in the corner!

Word – Watch



Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant; protective covering made of metal and used in combat;

Synonyms : kevlar

  • Astounded


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

Synonyms : amazed, astonished, stunned


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; sudden appearances of an overwhelming number of things;

Other Meaning(s) : Noun; slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain; verb gather into a huge mass and roll down a mountain, of snow

Synonyms : bombardments, barrages

  • Aerodynamic


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; designed to reduce air resistance, especially to increase fuel efficiency or maximum speed

Synonyms : sleek, smooth, slick

  • Adrenalin


Contextual Meaning(s) : A catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin); stimulates autonomic nerve action

Synonyms : adrenaline


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adverb; in a vicious manner

Synonyms : viciously, savagely

  • Bucking


Contextual Meaning(s) : verb; Jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched

Synonyms : charging

Deter (Adverb)

Contextual Meaning(s) : try to prevent; show opposition to

Other Meaning(s) : turn away from by persuasion

Synonyms : discourage, dissuade

  • Dire


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; causing fear or dread or terror; fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless

Synonyms : awful, horrific, desperate

  • Dodgy


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; marked by skill in deception; of uncertain outcome; especially fraught with risk

Synonyms : crafty, cunning, foxy, dicey

  • Endurance


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; the power to withstand hardship or stress; a state of surviving; remaining alive

Synonyms : survival

  • Exacting


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; requiring precise accuracy; severe and unremitting in making demands;

Synonyms : exigent, stern, strict, fastidious

  • Illicit


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adj.; contrary to accepted morality (especially sexual morality) or convention; contrary to or forbidden by law

Synonyms : illegitimate, outlaw, outlawed, unlawful

  • Incarcerated


Contextual Meaning(s) : Verb; locked up or confined, in or as in a jail

Synonyms : interned, immured


  • Inception


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events

Synonyms : origin, origination

  • Incurred


Contextual Meaning(s) : Verb; make oneself subject to; bring upon oneself; become liable to; receive a specified treatment (abstract)

Synonyms : undergone

  • Infamy


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; evil fame or public reputation; a state of extreme dishonor

Synonyms : opprobrium

  • Infuriated


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; marked by extreme anger

Synonyms : angered, enraged, furious, maddened

  • Jousting


Contextual Meaning(s) : noun; a form of combat in medieval times held between two mounted knights in full armour who charged at and tried to unseat each other with a lance

Other Meaning(s) : verb; to take part in a contest against others; e.g. candidates jousting for ninety minutes in a televised debate

Synonyms : banter, repartee

  • Lance


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade; used for punctures and small incisions; a long pointed rod used as a weapon; an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish; verb open by piercing with a lancet; pierce with a lance, as in a knights’ fight

Synonyms : spear

  • Lacrosse


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; a sport in which two teams of ten players use sticks with a net pouch crosse at one end to throw and catch a small hard rubber ball. The objective is to score a goal by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal net. Lacrosse was originated by Native North Americans, e.g. a lacrosse stick

  • Luges


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; a sporting event in which competitors race down a snow track in a luge, trying to complete the descent in the shortest time.

  • Pioneer


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; a person who is one of the first people to do something

Synonyms : developer, innovator

  • Pliability


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; adaptability of mind or character; the property of being easily bent without breaking

Synonyms : ductility

  • Proscribe


Contextual Meaning(s) : Verb; command against

Synonyms : forbid, disallow

  • Plunge


Contextual Meaning(s) : verb; to move suddenly downward or forward, or move something in this way; e.g. plunged into the undergrowth and disappeared

Synonyms : dive, plummet

  • Ruptured


Contextual Meaning(s) : Verb; to break, burst or tear something, or become broken, burst or torn

Other Meaning(s) : Noun; a break in something, or breaking apart of something, e.g. a rupture in a water main, a breakdown in a friendly or peaceful relationship

Synonyms : broken tissue, break, burst, or tear something


  • Shards


Contextual Meaning(s) : Noun; small pieces

Synonyms : fragments, pieces

  • Squelched


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; subdued or overcome

Synonyms : quelled, quenched

  • Substantial


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary; having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, considerable;

Synonyms : significant, solid, hearty

  • Stomped


Contextual Meaning(s) : Verb; to bring a foot down heavily on something or somebody with the intention f causing damage or injury, to tread heavily and noisily

Synonyms : walk with heavy steps

  • Tumble


Contextual Meaning(s) : fall suddenly and sharply

Synonyms : collapse

  • Vacuous


Contextual Meaning(s) : Adjective; devoid of matter; void of expression; devoid of significance or point; devoid of intelligence

Synonyms : inane, asinine, mindless



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